29 Jun 2019 - 1 Jul 2019 | Turin, Italy
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29 Jun 2019 - 1 Jul 2019
Turin, Italy

                                                      TORINO FASHION WEEK 2019
                                                         27th June - 3rd July 2019


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Turin and Fashion. A firmly relation, historically and traditionally.
It’s a matter of fact that the textile manufacturing tradition of our city already has an international wide appeal.
In only three editions the event obtained a worldwide acclaim that is destined to a massively growth in the near future.
Torino Fashion Week
, organized by TMODA Association, includes 7 days of international catwalks, 1 brokerage event where clients could meet international possible new commercial partners  and international talks.

Catwalk shows will be held  from the 27th June till the 03 rd July 2019 at Building Borsa Valori in Torino (Via San Francesco da Paola, 28).

In 2018 the event hosted more than 200 companies from all over the world (36 countries) and this year is willing to propose an innovative program, in line with it's international soul.

The TFW is addressed to  :

  • Fashion and textile companies/brands
  • Young fashion and innovative designers
  • Emergents

Torino Fashion Week aims to provide to innovative and emerging fashion designers and small and medium companies the possibility to create international collaborations to grow and to become more international.
The event determined a new model of fashion week including innovative concepts of development for emerging companies interested in international connections.

The idea is to bring Turin in the world and the world in Turin.


_Video Streaming service provided for all the TFW 2019 shows, by Sei Stream
_National and international media coverage through the most important media sector tools
_Press Office Spin To dedicated to the event, (local, international and national coverage)
_Focused media coverage on the whole event will be realized in collaboration with VOGUE TALENTS ITALY (press, web and social Network)
_Vogue Talents team will attend all the performances 
_Closure Award ceremony by Vogue Talents

    If you are interested in performing a catwalk during the TFW 2019, please contact: timoda@outlook.it


    Via Bertola 40
    10122 Turin, Italy

    Organised by


    Participants 201
    Meetings 611


    Albania 3
    Belgium 2
    Canada 1
    Chile 1
    China 7
    Croatia 3
    Denmark 1
    Egypt 1
    France 2
    Germany 1
    Greece 1
    India 10
    Israel 1
    Italy 101
    Lithuania 6
    North Macedonia 1
    Netherlands 9
    Nigeria 5
    Norway 1
    Pakistan 4
    Portugal 3
    Russia 1
    Serbia 8
    South Africa 14
    Spain 5
    Switzerland 3
    Tunisia 14
    Turkey 4
    United Arab Emirates 1
    United Kingdom 6
    United States 2
    Total 222


    Company 93
    University 5
    R&D Institution 4
    Association/Agency 8
    Other 14
    Fashion Designer 59
    E-commerce Platform 6
    Buyer 8
    Seller; Retailer 10
    Jewel Designer 6
    Expert 9
    Total 222