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29 Jun 2019 - 1 Jul 2019
Turin, Italy

MANU-SQUARE (MANUfacturing ecosystem of QUAlified Resources Exchange)

Beside the b2b we invite you to have a look at this platform: ask to the team in charge for it and let them show you how it works!


The MANU-SQUARE platform aims to aggregate, trade and distribute at global level the available capacities of EU companies that they cannot capitalize at the current state of things and they are willing to offer as a service fostering its transformation into a tradable commodity and its dynamic exchange in a marketplace. And, the full potential residing in the industrial ecosystem is much more than just unused machinery.

It also includes:

  • the know-how that the EU companies have built up over decades of thriving business in a wide spectrum of industrial fields;
  • cutting-edge technologies they have developed through years of innovation and research;
  • the potential of resources such as by-products or wastes, that traditionally represent a burden whereas they could become an opportunity if opportunely recirculated in a broader environment.

The platform will act as a facilitator for unleashing the full innovation potential residing in unused capacities bringing new ideas or new technologies, competences and processes into play, recognizing that the tougher gap to be filled, from concept to market, lies in finding the fitting collaborations to both cover all the technological development steps and to setup a viable value network ensuring economic feasibility of the new business and environmental sustainability of the production. 

Being part of the game means being able to expand your virtual portfolio of resources to draw from going beyond what is internally owned. The extent to which the playfields can enhance the companies’ internal capabilities is magnified by the multiplying effect offered by a wider audience and the cross-sectorial nature of the platform-enabled ecosystems.

We are here calling for a community of innovators (designers, technology and material experts, entrepreneurs, etc.) from the textile and fashion domain that constantly look for new opportunities, challenges and collaborations emerging from any kind of available resource.

For more details please have a look at this video: 


Closed since 25 June 2019


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10122 Turin, Italy

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Participants 183
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Albania 2
Belgium 2
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China 7
Croatia 1
Denmark 1
Egypt 1
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India 7
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Italy 98
Lithuania 6
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