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29 June 2019 - 1 July 2019
Turin, Italy

                                        Torino FashionMatch 2019 
                                          29/30 June - 1 July 2019

The B2B Torino FashionMatch 2019 will provide participants with international contacts from all over the world and will facilitate the creation of business agreements. 

Unioncamere Piemonte, as member of the Enterprise Europe Network, will organize the 4° edition of TorinoFashionMatch, a brokerage event focused on Textile and Fashion Industry where companies, fashion designers, Buyers, producers, distributors and fashion brands, will meet potential business and technological partners in pre- scheduled meetings. 
The b2b is realized in the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) , co-financed by the European Commission.
The EEN is committed to supports companies and entrepreneurs to grow and to innovate internationally.

The event is realized in collaboration with the EEN Sector Group Textile and Fashioncommitted to bring European fashion and textile producers together to enhance opportunities and commercial partnerships finding partners for joint projects, exploring new markets as well as sharing knowledge, ideas, innovation and inspiration and it's supported by the Creative, the Retail and the Women Entrepreneurship Sector Groups.

Participants will have the possibility to: 

_ Attend EEN B2B sessions
_ Meet international Buyers
_ Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations with international partners
_ Find new business partners
_ Showcase items during b2b
_ Get latest information on Fashion and Textile new technologies, trends and innovations
_ Attend  Thematic Workshops with international speakers
_ Attend, with a free pass, 7 days of TFW 2019 catwalk shows 

The B2B is addressed to: 

_ Fashion Designer/Stylists (garments and accessories)
_ Young Entrepreneurs and brands owners
_ Textile and accessories’ manufactures companies and brands
_ Retailers, distributors, sales agent and representative
_ E-commerce agencies
_ Buyers
_ Experts on fashion industry
_ Coaching and innovator for fashion industry
_ University/R&D Institution looking for new parnerships

      What you have to do:

      1. Register to the event by using the Register  tab
      2. Insert your contact details, your profile's description and pictures related to your products
      3. Complete the Product/Marketplace/Service/Request/partnership sessions: it will help you to find the right partner for the meeting
      4.  Select the participants you wish to meet 
      5. You will receive your personal Agenda by mail with the confirmed meetings

                                             ENJOY YOUR MEETINGS AND YOUR STAY IN TORINO!!

              The event is realized within the 4° edition of the Torino Fashion Week 2019 (27th June – 03rd July 2019), 7 days of international catwalks shows, talks and workshops with international speakers, organized by TMODA Association.

                      Supported by:

                      Closed since 25 June 2019
                      Via Bertola 40
                      10122 Turin, Italy
                      Organised by
                      Participants 183
                      Meetings 481
                      Italy 98
                      South Africa 14
                      Tunisia 10
                      Serbia 8
                      Netherlands 7
                      China 7
                      India 7
                      Lithuania 6
                      United Kingdom 5
                      Spain 4
                      Turkey 4
                      Pakistan 4
                      Nigeria 3
                      Portugal 3
                      Switzerland 3
                      Albania 2
                      Belgium 2
                      United States 2
                      Egypt 1
                      Croatia 1
                      Israel 1
                      Canada 1
                      Russia 1
                      Denmark 1
                      North Macedonia 1
                      Germany 1
                      France 1
                      United Arab Emirates 1
                      Norway 1
                      Total 200
                      Company 81
                      University 4
                      R&D Institution 3
                      Association/Agency 6
                      Other 13
                      Fashion Designer 56
                      E-commerce Platform 5
                      Buyer 8
                      Seller; Retailer 10
                      Jewel Designer 6
                      Expert 8
                      Total 200